The Lacquer Room is the brainchild of Kansas City native Roxanne Nguyen, a young but seasoned nail and makeup artist. 

“When I was 13, I would hang out at my mom’s salon after school and talk to the clients,” Roxanne said. “I would try to copy my mom and paint little flowers and do designs on the nail tips.”

After working as a janitor for the salon, she sought out an apprenticeship license to work with her mother, and received her manicuring license at age 17. 

By 18, Roxanne was doing nails in Las Vegas, and she began work as an educator/artist for a company called Entity Beauty. 

“I travel across the nation and educate and sell Entity Beauty’s products,” she said. “I teach at trade shows, do private classes, and hold open house workshops to demo the product.”

Through Entity Beauty, Roxanne met a lot of award-winning nail artists, who taught her advanced techniques. 

“I’ve always loved art,” she said. “I’m a perfectionist, so every time I draw something, it needs to look exactly like it or better.”

This perfectionism carries into her work, and allows her to master even the most complicated nail designs. 

In addition to honing her craft in Vegas, Roxanne lived in West Hollywood to learn hairstyling. She earned her cosmetology license by apprenticing under a celebrity hair stylist while continuing to do nails and makeup. This only added to her passion for the beauty industry. Due to this exposure, her excellent reputation has given her the opportunity to work with Katy Perry, Ariana Grande, and Steffiana James, whose husband Kevin James starred in the CBS sitcom The King of Queens for nine years. 

Roxanne returned to Kansas City after being away for five years, and decided to open The Lacquer Room with the encouragement of her father, a local mechanic shop owner and entrepreneur. Even with all of the big names she’s met through her career, he is still her biggest inspiration.

“He knew that opening my own salon was always a goal of mine, and he helped me find the perfect location,” she said. “I want to be like him one day and give back to him and my future kids just how he has.”

With The Lacquer Room, Roxanne has created a salon that brings together all the experience and ideas she has developed through years in the industry. Through her hard work, dedication, and talent, The Lacquer Room will quickly become the premiere salon in Liberty.